1. 48 hour notice is required for all cancellations and changes in booked rehearsals.  If a band simply does not show up, they will be charged in full.  If you call in late to cancel, we will make every effort to book someone else into that time slot.  If we are able to do that, then you are off the hook.

2.  We have a 2 hour minimum.

3. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, only) 2 hour bookings during the evening may start either at 7 P.M. or earlier or from 9:30 P.M. and later.   3 hour bookings may start at 6 P.M. or earlier, or from 9:30 P.M. or later.  4 hour plus bookings may begin at any time. This policy usually ends up with one band rehearsing from  7:00 - 9:00 and then another band in, from 9:30 - 11:30, enabling us to get more bands in, at reasonable times, on these high demand nights.



OWNERS NOTE:  I think one of the nicest things we do is really what we don't do.  Every now and then I look at web sites of other music facilities.  My god, it's like you will have to face a judge and jury, if anything goes awry.  The threats, the penalties, the fines.  Next thing you know, you'll be walking the plank!  Of course we have rules too.  That is a no brainer, but we strive to bend, when we can, be flexible when we are able.  If someone cancels without the proper notice, of course we charge them, however if someone else ends up booking that cancelled time, we are always thrilled to let the band,  who late cancelled,  know that we filled the slot and that they are golden, and will not be charged.  If a band ends up going a few minutes past their end time, as long as it does not cut into the next band's time, we don't bust their chops, or charge them for extra time.  A few extra minutes, now and then, is not a big deal.   Of course we don't let people trash or damage our rooms, however we are the ones providing the service, so if there are a few hamburger wrappers and plastic bottles, next to the drummers area, we clean it up.   That's part of our customer service.  Yes, sometimes there are customers who go overboard with things and don't respect proper decency and protocol, but that is the exception, not the rule.  We deal with that on a  rare case by case basis.  So don't worry, we will never feed you to the alligators, and we won't send you to the gallos.  Bottom line, we don't want to take your hard earned money, by charging for every little things possible.  We prefer to earn your money, your respect and even your friendship,  by providing the best rehearsal experience that we can, for our customers.   And yes, we will bend over backwards to be as accommodating as we can, as long as it does not mean cutting our own throats..........Slit!   Ouch!  That would not feel good!

1. We always leave 30 minutes between sessions, which means that you can always arrive 15 minutes early to get settled in.  You can then utilize your rehearsal room for the full amount of time that you booked.  Then you have 15 minutes to vacate.  We do not squeeze bands in with no time between.  We feel you should be able to use the time that you are paying  for to rehearse,  rather then wasting it while setting up or waiting for the prior band to vacate.

2.  Yes, we do provide top quality, all pro, cymbals with our drumsets, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!  You are paying for full backline and we don’t cut corners.

3.  We try our best to keep all of our equipment in good shape.  Things break down sometimes.  If you have a problem or simply are not happy with the amp you have, come out and let us know.  We will do our best to make you as happy as possible.  Also, we do not limit you to a specific number of microphones.   

4. We have a friendly staff who’s goal it is to keep you satisfied.  We offer free coffee, tea and as always pretzels.  Our rooms are kept clean, our mics are sprayed with lysol, daily.  We also stock lysol wet wipes in each room.   (We wouldn't want to spread germs), Our P.A.’s are kept in very good order.  If you have any problems you can always contact Rick (our Czar and King) at westlastudios@me.com

5. We have been here since 1988, and over the years so many of our customers have become good friends.  We value that friendship more then anything else.  It is our great hope to make many more, new friends, as we move forward.